Intelligent Logistics System (ILS)

Solution overview

The intelligent warehousing logistics system makes effective use of the IOT I/O signal acquisition system, RFID warehouse management system, stacking equipment and logistics delivery lines to achieve automatic access to warehouses and automatic storage and retrieval of goods, so as to improve the corporate warehouse management efficiency and reduce the required manpower and site costs. The system consists mainly of storage lines, transfer equipment, lifting equipment, yard equipment, RGV, robots, high-rising storage racks, RFID systems, control system and management system and can be customized. The carrier-stacker is generally operated at the speed of 0-160m/min, and its stop position error along the track is within ±5 mm, with the minimum of ±1 mm.


(1) Achieve automatic storage and retrieval of goods

Use the carrier-stacker for automatic addressing to achieve the automatic storage and retrieval of goods, so as to improve the warehouse management efficiency and the goods storage safety and save space.

(2) RFID, barcode or 2D code tracking

Use the laser code scanner, CCD, RFID and other equipment to track the goods storage information. In the logistics warehousing system, a laser code scanner may be handheld and fixed and is used to scan the bar codes or 2D codes; CCD is mainly used for position alignment and picture recognition; RFID is used to track and link the information by radio frequency method, can scan the codes in multiple batches at a large distance, and can be read and

(3) Sliding contact line power supply and optical communication

It is used for long-distance operation of the stacking equipment. It provides power supply and convenient communication for the high-speed mobile stacking equipment.

a) Describe the solution features or advantages and the problems to be solved in 2 ~ 5 aspects.

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