Intelligent Rack Assembly Line


The Intelligent Rack Assembly Line is designed for assembling different series of racks in warehousing workshops. Applied with special assembly machines, the assembly line realizes unmanned production. Compared with common assembly lines, the Intelligent Rack Assembly Line has improved production capacity and efficiency as well as reduced manufacturing budget. In addition, the informational level of production planning management and quality control is raised.


The Intelligent Rack Assembly Line comprises a master control system, a device layer and a control layer of field equipment. The master control system, where the interface for MES is reserved, is capable of process scheduling, quality control, data collection and production scheduling. It communicates through Industrial Ethernet and the field equipment control layer, which is responsible for controlling all the field equipment.


Automatic material transport

Reduced installation and a adjusting time

Decreased feeding and blanking time

Improved equipment utilization and flexibility

Improved manpower utilization

Enhanced manufacturing efficiency

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