SMART IOT is an industrial network gateway used to connect to INDICS Platform, providing the acquisition, conversion, processing and transmission of equipment data of different brands. It seamlessly integrates the industrial data and cloud manufacturing applications, industrial Big Data applications to provide a convenient access for industrial equipment to connect and use the services on INDICS Platform.

Standard products are designed with good versatility and scalability. Through a wide variety of interface and configurable software functions, Smart IoT is able to access to a variety of devices and protocols, and suitable for single equipment and sensor access scenarios.

The application scenarios of cloud-based industrial data can be divided into three categories, as shown in the figure, depending on the product's manufacturing process and its use.

Product Specifications

CPU Intel Quark X1020
storage media 1 x microSD slot(available for 8-32G)
Storage Type DDR3-SDRAM
Storage size 1 GB
Available slots 1x Arduino Platte, 1x mPCle
USB 1x USB2.0, 1x USB-Client
Serial interface 2x COM (RS 232, RS 485, RS 485)
Industrial Ethernet interface 2x 100Mbit/s Ethernet(RJ45)

Business Scenarios


Technical feature


Basic Services:
Value-added Services:
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