Intelligent Factory

Intelligent Factory

  Intelligent factory utilizes network technology, equipment monitoring system, advanced sensors, big data and artificial intelligent to connect different layers of a factory with software system, establishing a production mode of condition sensing, real time analysis, independent decision making, precise execution and self-learning and improvement. With the essence of human-computer interaction, It emphasizes information management services to improve the ability to control the production process, to reduce human participation in the production line, contributing to the human-machine coordination and collaboration, achieving the intelligent, networked, flexible and green production system, and realizing the high efficiency, low cost, high quality, short cycle, large scale, and individuation of the development and production for the enterprise. Building an intelligent factory is an important step to achieve intelligent manufacturing.

With the features of "Internet (cloud) + intelligent factory", the intelligent factory based on CASICloud utilizes the cloud platform to deeply integrate the existing manufacturing resources and manufacturing capabilities, supporting the transformation from offline manufacturing to online manufacturing.

To achieve this transformation, the servitization of manufacturing resources and manufacturing capabilities need to be reached. The intelligent factory based on cloud manufacturing platform uses a variety of technical means to achieve this change such as "three dumb transformation", "collaborative research and development system" , "Collaborative management system", "collaborative service system" and so on.

The intelligent features of the intelligent factory based on the cloud platform are mainly in the following areas

  Equipment: The equipment can be adjusted adaptively according to the changes in the production environment. Meanwhile it can identify the appropriate production tasks information and support human-machine collaboration, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing the complexity of production operations.

  Production line or workshop: It can support the dynamic formation of intelligent equipment as well as the flexible production, form a production system for different production tasks in a short time, to achieve the efficient production collaboration control. Meanwhile it can fulfill the independent decision making for the production status, control the production reasonably and effectively, achieving lean manufacturing.

  Factory or enterprise: It can quickly and effectively obtain the user's customization demands to complete the design and production management; It can quickly set up cross-enterprise production collaboration for cross-enterprise scheduling management to support social manufacturing; It can use a wide range of design and production capacity, and at the same time it can provide its own manufacturing resources and capabilities in the form of services to achieve resource contribution and capacity collaboration.

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