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HEMC Servo Control Unit
Computing Unit Set
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Production address: Shenyang China
Daniel He
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Detailed Description


CASICloud, Shenyang Hero Fluid Control System Co., Ltd

HEMC servo control unit

HERO servo control unit includes servo controller and servo control software

Position closed loop control

Position-pressure (Pressure) control

Position-pressure (Force) control

Position-acceleration control

Speed close loop control

Velocity-pressure (Pressure) control

Speed-acceleration control

Pressure (Pressure) control

Pressure (Force) control

Reference control

Open loop control

HEMC controller is a high performance controller researched and developed by Shenyang HERO Co. Core components imported from abroad, which fully guarantee the reliability of the product. It applies to hydraulic servo, electric servo and pneumatic servo system.

Equipped with multi task real-time operating system, controller can provide accurate position, speed control, pressure, force control and undisturbed switch between the position control and pressure / force control. it therefore can meet the vast majority of servo applications.

Function and characteristics

Command signal diversification

Integrated digital spectrum within the controller

Sine wave, saw tooth wave, square wave, triangle wave, random wave and above.

Digital spectrum outside controller

Digital signals can be generated by Matlab or Labview software, and can also be generated by the EXCEL editor of the signal, and finally leading into the controller by EXCEL or Labview and other software.

Simulation spectrum outside controller

Analog signal (signal generator) is input into the controller through the analog input channel, progressing closed-loop control.

Redevelopment interface diversification

Visual Basic,C++,C#,VBScript,VBA,LABVIE,Matlab,delphi等高级语言。

It supports Visual Basic, C++, C#, VBScript, VBA, LABVIE, Matlab, Delphi, etc. advanced language.  

Safety protection diversification

Location over tolerance, pressure over tolerance, servo valve saturation, sensor alarm and other security measures.

Electric interface diversification

HEMC controller interface is very abundant, supporting form:

Analog signal input: 4~20mA,0~20mA,±10V,0~10V,±5V,0~5V Etc.

Digital quantity input: SSI,PWM,Start/Stop,TTL Etc.

Differential transformer (LVDT), swing signal, bridge circuit input.

Servo valve signal: 0~±100 mA,0~±10V Etc.

Switch signal: 24V DI/O

Communication between upper computer and controller: network interface, RS485, RS232, etc.

Parameter setting flexibility

The user can adjust the PID parameter at any time, the valve control parameter, and the order signal parameter (amplitude, frequency, etc.).


Easy to expand - the standard controller has 8 channels, but the controller can be connected through the special communication module that can be easily extended to 16, 32, 48, 64 channel. It also supports digital quantity input / output circuit board, analog quantity input / output circuit board, voltage switching to current driver card and other optional components.

Advanced function

Feedforward correction: Controller increases the speed feedforward and acceleration feedforward etc, feedforward algorithm, which can extend the system bandwidth, and make the system more stable.

Spline interpolation: The input point spectrum signal automatically performs three times spline interpolation, which make the curve more smooth, and avoid the hydraulic impact.

Wave filtration: it can filter waves for sensor signal, also for servo valve. Filtering type can be selected.

Event record: event log files can examine the parameters change, command execution, error alarm situation, etc. so as to facilitate the user troubleshooting.

High order control: the performance of the system is effectively improved.

HEMC servo control unit is the core part of electro hydraulic servo control system, and takes real-time control of electro-hydraulic servo actuator, road spectrum reproduction, simulation, and real-time processing of the whole system data, functions as the center in the brain. With special advanced algorithm, open language environment, friendly man-machine interface, it can be widely used in electro-hydraulic servo control system.

Main products in industrial application:

Double cylinder synchronous control of extruding machine

Four-way forging hammer synchronous control of radial forging machine

Wood processing spindle control

Column strength test system control

Oil and gas pipeline strength test system control

Helicopter rotor excitation test system control

Auto plant biaxial wheel test

Auto plant four column test

Vehicle wheel coupling motion control system

Rail transit pantograph fatigue test bed

Rail transit position control fatigue testing software

Rail transit torsion bar fatigue test bed

Multi-channel coordinated loading test software


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