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Electro hydraulic servo test system solution
Computing Unit Set
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Production address: Shenyang China
Daniel He
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Electro hydraulic servo testing technology

CASICloud, Shenyang Hero Fluid Control System Co., Ltd

Electro hydraulic servo test system

Providing system solution of structural mechanics testing and motion simulation for you

Hero has been building structural mechanics test system and simulation system of the Chinese independent brand based upon nearly twenty years' accumulation of electro hydraulic servo control technology. The simulation reproduces the real movement and the force, and provides a strong support for your product innovation thorough deep understanding of the performance of products and components.

Application of Electro hydraulic servo test system technology:

Main Products:

1.Multi-channel loading system

Multi-channel loading system can apply load on all load-point of tested-components according to the given load distribution, load alternating parameters, requirements of loading procedure and test. At the same time, control force and position closed-loop and also realize real-time switching between them. Each channel can be controlled independently, and can also be controlled in phase and amplitude coordination.

2.Multi-degree free vibration platform

Multi-degree free vibration platform achieve six degree(X,Y,Z,α,β,γ)composite free vibration, also single degree free vibration. It can vibrate according to the input road spectrum, for example, seismic spectrum, road spectrum, it also can realize the function of frequency scanning. 

3.Multi-degree free movement platform

Multi-degree free movement platform can achieve six degree(X,Y,Z,α,β,γ)composite free movement, also single degree free movement, and maintain any given arbitrary spatial attitude. It has the function of road spectrum reappearance, such as ocean wave spectrum, also can automatic identify load mass, mass center and other inertial parameters.




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