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Smart Production Line
Company Name: CASICloud, Shenyang Hero Fluid Control System Co., Ltd
Computing Unit: Set
Market Price: Negotiable
Production address: No.23 Qianzhan street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dadong District, Shenyang China
Daniel He
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Detailed Description


Smart/Intelligent production line

CASICloud, Shenyang Hero Fluid Control System Co., Ltd

Intelligent machining production line

Intelligent assembling production line

Intelligent welding production line

Intelligent logistics system

Intelligent production line

Less manpower input, higher production efficiency, more stable processing, assembling consistency.

All day production process management.

More than 50% efficiency improvement.

Production consistency greatly improved.

Only need the necessary manpower for casual inspection, greatly reduce labor costs.

It can automatically collect data through sensors or RFID, and display the real-time production status through the electronic Kanban;

It can automatically remove the unqualified product through machine vision and a variety of sensors for quality inspection;

It can support mixed line production and assembly of similar products, flexible process adjustment, which adapt to small batch, multi variety production mode;

It is flexible, and can adjust to other equipment for production if the production line has equipment failure.

It is customized to the service of automatic production line according to customer's specific requirement.


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