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KM3DCAPP for Assembly
Company Name: Wuhan KM Information Technology Co., Ltd
Computing Unit Set
Quantity: 30
Market Price: Negotiable
Production address: Wuhan City, Hubei Province.
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Detailed Description


3DAST, a deepening application of 3D CAD in the enterprise, can help users plan the complete assembly process of complex products, define each step of assembly according to the configuration of the assembly line, determine the assembly list and technological equipment of each step, simulate the assembly process, verify the rationality of the assembly process, and calculate the rhythm of the assembly line to improve the efficiency of the assembly line.


Assembly Model Management

It can realize the transformation of the three-dimensional CAD product model into a unified lightweight model file, generate the product assembly structure that meets requirements through the management of the assembly structure, and plan the service for the subsequent assembly process.


Assembly Process Planning

Assembly process planning is an important content of three-dimensional process design, including assembly sequence, assembly tempo, assembly path, manufacturing resource planning, assembly process simulation, etc. Through the assembly structure planning, method planning, path planning, it can achieve the product assembly process planning.


Assembly Process Information Output

The system provides a variety of flexible assembly process output means that can support the assembly process simulation and video output, the assembly process card output, and the three-dimensional process lightweight browsing to guide the production.


System Integration Application

Providing integrated interface function, the system can be easily integrated into the CAPP, PDM, MES and other software through KM3DAST in order to realize data exchange and sharing among the enterprise information tools.


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